How to respond to nasty letters!

(Next time you get a letter to pay your debts be sure to remember Sipho’s letter.)


Dear Sir/Madam

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 7 January 2008 in which for the third time, you request that I pay the monies owed to you. I first want you to know that by no means do I dispute my debt and I intend to reimburse you as soon as possible.

However, I bring to your attention that I have many more creditors, quite as honourable as you, and whom I wish to reimburse too. That is why, each month, I throw all the names of my creditors into a hat and draw one randomly whom I hasten to refund immediately.

I hope that yours will come out shortly.

Sincerely Yours,

PS: I have great regret in informing you that given the unceremonious tone of your last letter, you will not be taking part in the next three draws.

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